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Massive Ego/Let Go





Massive Ego/Let Go




Logo ident & music video for massive ego

To promote their new album, I teamed up with the      UK-based Darkwave/Dark-Synhpop band Massive Ego to create a logo ident, which has been shown on their tour, supporting Blutengel (Leitbild Tour 2017)


This logo ident was a great start in creating their new music video to ´Let Go´, written by Pop/Fashion-Icon Boy George. ´Let Go´ spreads a longing for nostalgia and the wishful thinking of what might have been...


I visualized that in an omnipresent organism, which spreads out and takes over all the good memories until it becomes impossible for us to enjoy them.
Once you let go off those negative voices,
moments in the past shine in a brighter light.
Let Go.



Film: Danny Stirn
Music: Massive Ego

Copyright © 2017 Out of Line Records. 
Massive Ego in collaboration with Danny Stirn,  
All rights reserved.


Ich liebe meine Vagina




Ich liebe meine Vagina




a collaboration with grausame töchter

Ich liebe meine Vagina is a music video, 
I have created in collaboration with Grausame Töchter. 

Follow a young lady who is being pulled into a mysterious underwater dungeon, that forces her to lose control and to widen her horizon of lust.  Masochistic tendensies are being discovered and eliminate earthly habits, like doubts, worries and hysteria.




Film: Danny Stirn
Music: Grausame Töchter

Copyright © 2016 Scanner/Dark Dimension Label Group, Grausame Töchter in collaboration with Danny Stirn,  
Design Academy Eindhoven/Man and Communication.
All rights reserved.








The sleeping body

Metafisica is a series of short videos, animated to show the power of human imagination during a dream.

Your mind is able to build a bridge between the real world and your dreams. For instance, if you would hold a jar in your sleep, your mind might reconstruct a whole story around this jar, whether it makes sense or not. In six animated shorts, I want to emphasize within different scenarios, that we should be embracing the images we create during our dreams, because our mind often is more expressive and individualistic, than we could possibly imagine. Each video is picturing one aspect of our perception of dreams.

Behind the Veil

A dream, often visualized as a diffused reality, a blurry world, is given a distance through the veil covering it.

At tragic Heights

The fragile side of a dream. Very often, you wish, that you would never stop dreaming, but than all of a sudden the dream pops like a bubble.

Small World

Constructed around the topic of strange proportions. Dreams are literally distorted worlds. Tiny things appear to be gigantic and big things shrink to microscopic sizes.

Boxed in Anxiety

The feeling of a nightmare. Whereas joyful dreams usually stop in the happiest moments, nightmares wont give you the possibility of escape. It becomes a coffin which forces you stay, no matter how uncomfortable it becomes.

The Boogeyman

The chasing monster in the common nightmares. He chases his victims and strives to get their identities, their faces. They become his masks, which he uses to trick further victims.

Envision Nature

The most common association that people have with dreams. A surreal wonderland, in which Absurdity makes you believe anything. It becomes a parallel world in which realistic aspects are present but twisted.


Directed and Animated by: Danny Stirn

Model: Dorus van Haeren

Music: Grosse Freiheitn 39

Sound FX:  http://www.freesfx.co.uk








A cinematic portrait


Which kind of designer am i?

I am intrigued by visual impacts.
Constantly my eyes are looking for visual sensations.

I consider myself being an image designer.
I like to work in the fields of sets/ scenography and athmospheres.
My way of working can be seen as clashing opposing elements.
Mainly classic elements colliding with modern or contemporary aspects.

This clash often creates something new,
but it all stays within a visual experimentation.

So the image is my laboratory, my stage, my identity.



Directed by: Danny Stirn
Concept, Set, Animation & Music: Danny Stirn

Sound FX:  Freesfx.co.uk

dekotora mirror.jpg







meet dekotora

That is the goal of the Dekotora community. Their decorated trucks are the eyecatcher of Japans highways.
hen Gundam aesthetic meets Baroque Ballroom.

Standing out by all means necessary and
to outbling each other.

In a small publication, I have done extensive research into the 'Dekotora' subculture.


An inspiration animation for new patterns based on the dekotora subculture.
Dekotora crosses aspects of French Glamour with Gundam Transformer Aesthetics.
Inside Glam outside Gundam.
In this animation I want to bring both together in one element to also create a new visual language of two sides that at first side might not be such a good match.
Glamtech serves as an inspiration for new visions in textile design.



Directed and Animated by: Danny Stirn (2014)
Set Design: Danny Stirn

Music: My Wall by Korn



Colour Suits You!



Colour Suits You!



A Fashion Protest

A Fashion Protest against the Greyscale as a comfort zone of dressing.
Conformity overrules the Individualistic period we live in.
With this video I want to show the desire of creating your own visual identity without relying on the ideologies of appropriateness and normality.


Directed by: Danny Stirn (2014)
Concept: Danny Stirn
Costume Design: Danny Stirn

Babeth Rammelt
Danny Stirn

Vera de Pont
Nathan Chan
Tess Cleven
Teresa Mendler
Danny Stirn

Filming Locations:
H&H Eindhoven (Suit Supply)
Raadzaal Eindhoven (municipal conference room)
Central Station Eindhoven

Music: Nachtmahr by Nachtmahr