3D Type Design

Each year a large community of people takes part in the collective challenge 36 days of type. This challenge asks the designers to create each day, for a period of 36 days, one letter. After those 36 days, you end up with the letters from A to Z and the numbers from 0 to 9. The challenge forces you to make fast decisions and to deliver.


Designing a font, inspired by Synthwave & Cyberpunk

For the edition of 2019, I wanted to pay hommage to 80s pop culture & one of my favorite music genres Synthwave (f.ex: Carpenter Brut), which is strongly influenced by 80s film music titles.



Designing a font, that blends calligraphy with bold slab type.

For the edition of 2018, my take on the challenge was to break the letters and to reconstruct them by creating a hybrid between rigid serif fonts and flowy calligraphic fonts. This collage of wildly different puzzle pieces is accentuated with a mix of bright colours, which forces the viewer to complete the puzzle.