Bernard Massard

Bottle Wrap Design

Bernard-Massard is the leading family producer of still and sparkling wines in Luxembourg with a total production of nearly 3,500,000 bottles. Today, Bernard-Massard exports both its still and sparkling wines to numerous countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Russia, and India. Through its German subsidiary, the group also owns Château Fontesteau, a Haut Médoc estate in Bordeaux.


Unveiling the urban legend of Melusina, Luxembourg's cursed mermaid

Each year Bernard Massard invites artists & designers to take part in a design contest to design the label of their crémants.This year's edition was called Golden Talents Award.This illustration is strongly inspired by a Luxembourgish legend, Melusina. Melusina was a lady, who transformed once a month into a mermaid. In order to prevent her husmband from finding out, she hid in the 'casemates'-caves. But once her husband followed her and discovered her taking a bath, having her tail exposed. When she found out, that her secret wasn't a secret anymore, she jumped outside the caves into the Alzette river. She disappeard. Atlantis is a memorial of our urban legend.