Service National de la Jeunesse


Service National de la Jeuness or National Agency for Youth is an organisation, that devotes itself to the guidance of children in their process of growing up. They co-organise educational events for children and teenager. They support teenager in difficult situations of their lives. And they publish educational material as a support for people in educating positions.


Explaining how the SNJ aims to help youngsters cope in difficult situations.

With the Be my Buddy program, SNJ aims to bring youngsters, who find themselves in difficult situations, in contact with other youngsters. In order to illustrate, how this program works, Accentaigu has created the graphic identity and an explanimation. My task, as graphic designer at Accentaigu, was to create the world, the storyboard and the explanimation around the (already existing) buddy.

In the video, a youngster finds himself in a difficult situation. Too many decisions need to be made. He is struggling. In a social event the mentees meet the mentors. After everyone got to know each other, each mentee will be paired with a mentor, who will help them to face their struggles and to find solutions to their problems.



Film: Accentaigu
Sound FX: Zapsplat &

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