Still from 'Ich liebe meine Vagina'

Still from 'Ich liebe meine Vagina'

Tackling the taboo of female lust


In order to promote the launch of their album Vagina Dentata, Grausame Töchter asked me to animate a music video to their song Ich liebe meine Vagina. The challenge was to create a storyline, which tackles the taboo of female lust.


Follow a young lady who is being pulled into a mysterious underwater dungeon, that forces her to lose control and to widen her horizon of lust. Masochistic tendensies are being discovered and eliminate earthly habits, like doubts, worries and hysteria.


Film: Danny Stirn
Music: Grausame Töchter

Copyright © 2016 Scanner/Dark Dimension Label Group,
Grausame Töchter in collaboration with Danny Stirn,
Design Academy Eindhoven/Man and Communication.
All rights reserved.