An organism of sorrow


To promote their new album, I teamed up with the UK-based Darkwave/Dark-Synhpop band Massive Ego to create a logo ident, which has been shown on the Leitbild Tour 2017, supporting Blutengel.

This logo ident was a great start in creating their new music video to Let Go, written by Pop/Fashion-Icon Boy George. Let Go spreads a longing for nostalgia and the wishful thinking of what might have been...


I visualized that in an omnipresent organism, which spreads out and takes over all the good memories until it becomes impossible for us to enjoy them. Once you let go off those negative voices, moments in the past shine in a brighter light.

Let Go.


Film: Danny Stirn
Music: Massive Ego

Copyright © 2017 Out of Line Records.
Massive Ego in collaboration with Danny Stirn.
All rights reserved.