Volt Europe


Volt is the first and only pan-european political party. With Brexit and the global rise of populism, Volt saw the absolute necessity to form a party, that is primarily pro-European. In a short period of time Volt managed to have teams spread out over Europe and is up for election in 8 countries, sharing the same logo, vision and programm.


Making Volt's take on reforming the EU understandable for everyone

In order to push their election campaign and their presence on social media, Volt asked me to animate a set of short explanimations, highlighting their key policies, and an additional video to explain the voting procedure. Volt's policies include tackling the migration crisis by reforming the Dublin system. Decades of wasteful use of plastics should be punished with a tax on plastics and most of all single-use products, as well as banning the export of garbage to non-EU countries. Then there is our education, which can't keep up with our fast-changing society. And last but not least fighting crime and terror with a federal level police force, because crime certainly knows no borders. Those policy explainer videos were used by the party as Facebook posts and advertisements.


Film: Danny Stirn/Manic Molecule
Sound FX: Zapsplat