Music Video

Xandria is one of Germany's most well-known Symphonic Metal Bands. Their music combines operatic singing voices, orchestral arrangements, epic riffs and opulent choirs into powerful, bombastic anthems. In 2017, Xandria released via Napalm Records, their album Theatre of Dimension. For the occasion, I was asked to animate a music video to their song Ship of Doom.


Visualizing a travelling band's adventures as they travel from town to town.

Life can often be dull and boring. Doing the laundry might be the most eventful thing of a day. The sky is dark and cloudy with no light in sight. Ship of Doom tells the story of a band, which is travelling from town to town to share their music and to take the people out of their ordinary lives. Unfortunately everything eventually comes to an end...
Cursed, the band is bound to never leave their ship. And as soon as the last note is played, the ship and the crew is forced to disappear into nothingness, leaving behind the memories of a night of excitement.



Film: Danny Stirn / Manic Molecule
Music: Xandria

Copyright © 2017 Napalm Records,
Xandria in collaboration with Danny Stirn/Manic Molecule.
All rights reserved.